DatasetTopic(s)DescriptionSourceRelated activities
BodyMeasurementsAnatomyBody measurements, weight, age, gender for 507 subjectsHeinz et al, 2003Human body dimensions
Coffee-DepressionHealthTwo-way table of coffee intake vs. appearance of depression in womenLucas et al, 2011More espresso, less depresso?
DengueVaccineHealthResults from Dengue vaccine trialKirkpatrick et al, 2016Dengue vaccination trial
Gini-CountryEconomyGini index of inequality by countryCIAHomicide rates and economic inequality
HeartDiseaseHealthPhysiological observations for 303 heart disease patientsUCIHeart disease and physiological measurements
HomiRate-CountryCrimeHomicide rate by countryWorld BankHomicide rates and economic inequality
LifeExp-CountryHealthLife expectancy by countryWHON/A